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Post Info TOPIC: Donations Needed for Web Hosting - UPDATED

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Donations Needed for Web Hosting - UPDATED

Our GoDaddy annual subscription of $187.87  for web hosting is due May 15. A MIP member has graciously volunteered to collect donations via PayPal and use the funds to pay our bill. 

Please use PayPal to send donations of any amount to 


Financial update:

Our Sparklit account, which manages our forums, costs $16.95 per month. So far this month we have received donations totaling $137 which gets us 8 months ahead.  You can donate at any time, or set up a recurring donation, at Sparklit ActiveBoard Donations   to keep this subscription going for all the MIP forums. 

Detail on donations received to date for Sparklit

April 20 $50.00

April 12 $12.00

April 11 $30.00

April 10 $25.00

April 10 $20.00

In gratitude,


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Good news: We continue to be self-supporting through our own voluntary contributions (Tradition 7). Funds have been donated by grateful members to cover our bills for web hosting, domain name renewal, and our forums.

The following donations were made to support our GoDaddy bill:

dategrossnet (less PayPal fee)
4/28/2021 $12.12$11.47
4/29/2021  $15.00$14.26
4/29/2021 $10.00 $9.41
5/5/2021  $45.00 $43.39
5/6/2021$100.00 $100.00 * (Donor covered the PayPal fee)

Total Net $178.53

In addition to the Sparklit donations reported earlier, a new donation of $30 was made on 5/4, giving us an additional 6 weeks of forum support.

Our GoDaddy bill for the coming year is $187.87. If we receive donations above that amount, the excess will be used for our Sparklit account. You can still make donations via PayPal to or directly to Sparklit at Sparklit ActiveBoard Donations

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